BCD(Bulk Chemical Delivery)

The equipment to deliver the Precursor in constant pressure from Bulk Precursor Storage to VMB or LDS equipment by Carrier Gas

System Characteristics

- Fully-automatic system by PLC control

- Easy control with Touch Monitor

- Installed a safety device according to the characteristics of 

   Precursor(has, flame, smoke, temperature, etc)

- Interlock to prevent tampering

- System Error and Alarm history

- Support comunication with Process equipments

- Explosion-proof product


ModelUCHEM T-20 (Auto change BCD)
Refill Type
Bulk A, B Auto Cross Over Supply

2,100(W) x 1,100(D) x 2,000(H)

Supply Line
Max 6 Stick
Remains Control
Weight Scale, Ultrasonic Sensor
Applicable ChemicalsTMA, SiCl4, TeCl4, TEOS, TEPO, etc
Storage Capacity200L